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freyalorelei's Journal

Freya Lorelei
3 September 1981
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I am an unabashed fangirl and am wont to squee over shiny distractions of the fannish sort. I've collected a LOT of fandoms over the years, although I am not the most active of fans and mostly lurk. I am liable to ramble on about any of my fandoms at a moment's notice.

I frequently post reviews of whatever book I am currently reading (or re-reading), and occasionally film reviews too. Thanks to my hopelessly gnatlike attention span, I am always in the middle of at least a dozen books.

I started dating the Ridiculously Tall Boyfriend in February 2012 and, due to his military service, am in a long-term, long-distance relationship. I urge all you single geek girls out there not to despair or give up; it took me thirty years to find my geek guy, and he was worth the wait. :)

Pets are a frequent topic of conversation here, and I am involved in local animal rescue and shelters. I have two rescued Ragdolls, Sir Percival Blakeney and Harry Potter; an adopted PEW mix rabbit named Sugar; two corn snakes, Chauvelin and Emma Frost; and a goldfish named Sushi.

I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, depression, and Avoidant Personality Disorder.

My internet access is spotty as of late, and I tend to frequent That Other Social Network more often than LJ nowadays. If you wish to friend me there, please post here first so that I may privately contact you.

akc, amazons, analysis, animals, anita blake, arthurian legends, astrology, attention deficit disorder, aubrey/maturin, audrey hepburn, avoidant personality disorder, beatrix potter, being human, bettas, books, british men, buffy the vampire slayer, bunnies, callisto, changeling: the dreaming, cheese, coffee, collars, conventions, corn snakes, david bowie, der clickenmaus, doctor who, dragons, dungeons and dragons, dwarf hamsters, ellen kushner, england, english language, fairy tales, fan fiction, fandom, fandom wank, fantasy, fedoras, firefly, gay rights, goldfish, goths, greek mythology, hamsters, harry potter, hobbits, house m.d., house rabbit society, hudson leick, hugh jackman in leather, intellectuals, jane austen, jareth, keira knightley, labyrinth, laurell k. hamilton, leslie howard, leverage, lord of the rings, lovebirds, magic: the gathering, mary sues, master and commander, merry gentry, minivan helsing, mocking, neil gaiman, nightrunner, nitpicking, onomastics, p.g. wodehouse, pathfinder, pekingese, personality disorders, pets, poetry, pretty people with swords, psychology, purple, pushing daisies, rabbits, ragdoll cats, rats, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, renaissance faires, rodents, role-playing, root beer, sam/frodo, samwise gamgee, sarah williams, sca, sherlock holmes, shiny pants, siamese cats, sirius/remus, slash, sleep, squeeing, staff fighting, star trek, star wars, swords, synesthesia, syrian hamsters, the silmarillion, tolkien, toy breeds, tweed, ultraviolet, used books, valueland, vampires, van helsing, victoria stilwell, vinyl, western zodiac, white wolf, witchblade, writing, x-men, xena: warrior princess, yaoi, zelda