Freya Lorelei (freyalorelei) wrote,
Freya Lorelei

Tephra is life, Tephra is love.

Holy shit, I NEVER post here any more. Like, EVER.

I mostly hang out on Reddit, under this name, and Facebook, under my real name. I'm still in Texas, which I love more than I ever thought possible, and work at a local dry cleaner, because I fear change and have few other marketable skills.

I also have a second job, which I got via Reddit simply by being a huge fangirling nerd, as an editor for the steampunk tabletop RPG Tephra. I bought the Playing Guide at an anime convention, immediately fell in love with the setting, and mentioned I was looking for work as an editor on r/TephraTheRPG. After editing a short piece for them as a trial run, I was hired.

It's produced by the indie company Cracked Monocle, and is based out of Austin. If you're interested in a unique steampunk RPG, this one has a fantasy flair, with elves, gnomes, and satyrs battling bomb-wielding mechanical monstrosities, and steam-powered heists a-plenty. I've played a few sessions, and it's enormous fun. We're getting ready to publish a GM guide of sorts next month, the Narrator's Accomplice, and there are several other splats available, plus PDFs of adventures, trinkets, and a new player race, so there's quite a bit of material already.

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