Freya Lorelei (freyalorelei) wrote,
Freya Lorelei

Mainlined my obsession. Again.

Caught up on Once Upon a Time, and dear lord, Charmings, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

I want to smack some sense into both of them. Stealing Maleficent's child, deliberately infecting it with darkness, then "accidentally" (read the fine print, morons! Did your dealings with Rumpelstiltskin teach you NOTHING?) stranding it in another realm, and not even a note of apology? WTF, Charmings!

They did a straight-up, no excuses act of sheer villainy, and then spent the last five minutes of the episode reassuring themselves and justifying why it was okay, because they're HEROES. When the evil shapeshifting homicidal dragon comes off more sympathetic than you, it's time to reconsider your life choices.

Also LOL at the idea of Hook intimidating a deity into blackmail. Sorry, pretty boy, Poseidon would skewer you and turn you into chum.

Also sleeping curse immunity what? Didn't Snow, Charming, and Aurora all repeatedly go under voluntary sleeping spells to communicate while they were in separate realms? I know Snow and Aurora used poppies, but Charming was put under with a good old-fashioned spindle. And does this now mean the ENTIRE TOWN is immune to sleeping curses? So much for that future plot point! (Although props to Maleficent for such a competent, Cora-level act of villainy.)

Wow, OUaT gives me the feels.

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