Freya Lorelei (freyalorelei) wrote,
Freya Lorelei

This journal is now all OUaT, all the time. Deal with it.

Am catching up on the most recent episodes of Once Upon a Time, and I must say, after the last few seasons of scenery-chewing, melodramatic villain arcs (Zelena, anyone?), Elizabeth Mitchell's quiet menace comes as a welcome reprieve. And her character actually has a legitimately horrific back story, not angsty melodrama touted as motivation (Pan, Hook, and yes, Zelena again. Boy, she wore out her welcome fast).

The second half of the fourth season will feature Maleficent as the Big Bad, and reportedly the fifth focuses on Cruella de Ville, so we should enjoy the understated villain while we can, because those two are nothing BUT drama.

...although HOW they'll bring in Cruella baffles me. Is she going to threaten to skin Ruby? Take over Storybrooke Animal Shelter For Teh Evuls? There aren't a whole lot of options with the character, is what I'm saying. Her modus operandi is stealing puppies and chain-smoking. Good luck building a compelling and realistic story arc around THAT.
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