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More fannish squee, as promised.

Just found out that the third season of Once Upon a Time is set for DVD release August 19th! I don't have television, so I've been waiting for the DVD to catch up.

I am so ridiculously jazzed about this show; you have no idea. I haven't had the sheer pleasure of falling in love with a piece of media in so very, very long, and Once Upon a Time is pure fannish crack. Where else can you see Snow White punching out Aurora, or Belle teaming up with Mulan, or Cinderella and Red Riding Hood having a girls' night out on the town?

And the villains! Not one or even two, but usually five or six, all conspiring and scheming against or with one another, dealing and double-dealing, and shifting loyalties at whim.

Also, I now want to see an animated Rumpelstiltskin movie, now that he's sort of part of Disney canon. Most of the other Storybrooke characters* are from the Disney Animated Canon, so why not? I love love LOVE their version of Beauty and the Beast, and I may or may not have a new 'ship (and--oh dear lord--demented new crush. YES I KNOW SHUT UP. Blame the Scots accent and tight leather pants).

PLUS I just found out there's a spin-off: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. This seems to be a single self-contained season, so there's no series commitment. I know I've complained that all the shows I love--Witchblade, Firefly, Pushing Daisies, The Dresden Files, Primeval--are cancelled too soon, but after eight years of collecting House, M.D. DVDs at $45 a pop, sometimes shorter is sweeter.

Right now Once Upon a Time is the only show I'm following, thank the gods, mostly because I haven't had television in a while (I nearly typed "years," but I DID have television for about a year after I moved back in with Mom; I just didn't really follow much outside of Heroes of Cosplay). And I only found THAT because Mom left it at the house after she moved in with my grandparents, and I decided to watch it one day (it was an unopened Christmas gift), at which point I promptly fell in love, inhaled it in two days, then bought and devoured the second season.

So yeah. Major, major love for this show. Can't wait for third season. Squeeage, y'all. Massive squeeage.

*With a few exceptions (Frankenstein why?). It's fun to see what new characters pop up. And I'm still waiting for Lady and Tramp to show up at Storybrooke Animal Shelter. I mean, they threw in Pongo and Nanny, so what the hell. And OMG how awesome would it be to see Atlantis? They've been to Wonderland and Neverland, name-dropped Agrabah, and mentioned other worlds, so Atlantis could TOTALLY be out there somewhere, in all its aquapunk** glory. This needs to happen now, people!

**Yes, aquapunk. It is totes a thing, or should be. Real-life adorkable Milo and Kida? Yes, please.
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