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...I just realized, to my horror, that the strongest influence in my writing style has become....

(Brace yourselves, weak of heart.)

Laurell K. Hamilton. *thunderclap*

In a rare burst of creative inspiration, I was up until 4:30 in the morning writing what has evolved into a murder mystery with elves, and I say "murder mystery" in only the loosest sense, because the majority of plot has gone by the wayside in favor of long, rambling dialogues, extended scenes focused on the relationship and emotions of the two main characters, and porn. Lots and lots of gay porn.

It's LKH with steampunk and dragons.

So far I have one "book" (if two hundred pages of loosely connected vignettes following the same vague outline can be called that), another slightly shorter "book" (the only one of any length with an actual working plot), four or five other titles with several equally plottish scenes apiece, and a fifty-page file with random world-building content.

And this content all dates back roughly ten years. I know this only because that is when I met the friend who asked me to write her a short story with elves and dragons and demons. I wrote it, recognized it for the terrible D&D rip-off it turned out to be, started a new version, and re-wrote that.

And re-wrote. And added more characters. And more sub-plots. And back story. And somehow my main characters were now a couple. More back story. More sub-plots.

I now have an unwieldy, inchoate mess of soap opera proportions, with literally hundreds of pages devoted to not only the relationship between the main characters, but have spawned a SECOND couple and begun to focus on THEIR interaction.

The cherry on all this frosty whipped irony is that no one has ever seen any of it. I've devoted ten years, off and on, to something I'd like to publish some day, but am too embarrassed to reveal in public because not only is a good portion of it straight-up porn that my family could possibly read, but what if it's not even GOOD porn? I'm pretty sure there's a market for it, because hello, steampunk porn with gay elves, who WOULDN'T be all over that? but as it stands it reads like self-indulgence to no purpose.

Also, OMG: On a whim, I googled the surname of my main elf protagonist (Maithe), which I swear ON MY LIFE I invented totally at random years ago because it sounded pretty, and according to the almighty truth that is Wikipedia the Daoine Maithe is an Irish term used to refer to fairies. MY HAND TO GOD, I did not intend this. :D

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